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Skills Loop

Trails - Glentress

Glentress’ 1.2km Skills Loop is a must for anyone who is new to the sport of mountain biking. It’s a user-friendly introduction, featuring classic “bite size” singletrack trails,and offers a simple, safe and not-too-long loop on which to build confidence and practice riding skills.

Improve your skills – whatever your level

While the loop is especially popular with young riders and novices, it’s an ideal place to improve your skill, whatever your level, and includes some of the features you’ll find on the more testing and challenging blue-, red- and black-graded trails. There’s even some North Shore – raised timber trails – to practice on.

Instruction panels are placed at appropriate points of the loop, offering tips and advice about how to ride the features, including jumps, bombholes, bermed corners, technical singletrack climbs, rock gardens and step-ups.

In short, it’s a great place to learn what mountain biking’s all about, before heading for Glentress’ other trails.

Distance: 1.5km (from Buzzards Nest car park)
Best to park at: Buzzards Nest car park – the trail is around 300m pedal from here.
90% singletrack

Our thanks to 7Stanes for providing trail information.