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Trails - Glentress

The Glentress Green Route is a cracking wee trail, which starts and finishes at the Buzzards Nest car park. Along the way takes in some stunning views of Peebles, the Tweed Valley and the surrounding hills.

At just 4.5km, it’s an ideal distance for first time mountain bikers or those who haven’t been on a bike in a while. Although short, the real beauty of this route is that over half of it is on purpose-built green grade singletrack trail.

Buzzards Nest

The route starts from the Buzzards Nest car park, which is signed from the forest entrance. It’s a fair old pedal up to here from the bottom of the forest (only 2km, but lots of climbing), so driving up is advised unless you’re feeling really fit!

From the car park, the route follows a fairly level forest road, soon passing the entrance to the Skills Loop. Continuing on, looking left gives great views down the Tweed Valley towards Innerleithen.

Narrow Neck

The road gets slightly steeper as you descend towards the Narrow Neck – the narrowest part of the forest, where the boundaries are only a stone’s throw apart. Turning right here, a very short climb takes you to the start of the singletrack.

The trail heads into the trees on wide, smooth singletrack and climbs gently with no naughty steep bits (Dad with trailer buggy on the back: you should get up no probs*). Look out for some lovely old beech trees in here amongst the younger conifers. Before you know it you’re at the first viewpoint and the top of the climb!

From here the trail now starts to descend – nothing too tricky or steep, just wide, smooth singletrack, which meanders and curves its way down through thinned open forest.

This is real mountain biking though, as you’ll be whizzing along through tight gaps between trees, through dips and rises and round 180 degree turns.

Along the way there are several more viewpoints that act as useful catch up points or as a place to simply stop, have a breather and take in the views.

Step back in time!

The trail finally pops out near the top of Janet’s Brae, just by the Roundhouse – a reconstruction of an Iron Age house. Here you can find out what life was like in the area 2000 years ago!

From the Roundhouse, the route heads back towards the Buzzards Nest car park, descending gently to the Narrow Neck (fancy another lap?), then retracing its steps with a gradual climb to finish.

* The Hub has both tag-a-longs and a baby van availabe for rent which would be ideal for families riding the Green Trail. Give us a call to book.

Distance: 4.5km
60% singletrack
Estimated time to ride the route: 20 mins – 1hr

Best to park at: Buzzards Nest car park, if it’s your first time on a bike in while and you can transport your bikes up here. The climb up from the trailhead to the Buzzards Nest is a considerable one, although the singletrack climb makes things much easier going than the forest road climb it replaces.

Looking to step up to the next level? Try to Blue and Red graded features in the Skills Loop or have a go at the longer and more hilly 8.5km Blue Route from the Buzzards Nest car park.

Our thanks to 7Stanes for providing trail information.