sometimes the sun does shine:)


The Longest Day…

Midsummer is pretty much upon us and its been a mixed bag of weather so far for the year -I haven’t been brave enough to pack all my winter gear away and did actually wear thermal tights last week on one of my rides and my waterproof jacket has seen more action this year than Arnie in The Terminator…but if we all waited for the weather to be fine and clear then I reckon the trails might just start growing over.

So if the weirdo weather we keep getting is putting you off getting out then I’ve got some advice for you:

First of all-man up-its just water.

Second weather proof your bike-stick on an RRP neoguard-it just works.

Waterproof shorts-another must for Scottish summers.

And finally reward yourself with lots of hot coffee, cafe and homemade soup.  All in stock now:)