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It’s Never Too Late

January 6th, 2011

Yesterday I did my first road ride of 2011. If I’m honest I think it was my first ride in about 2 months-apart from the mountain bike ride I did the day before but that was with a friend who hadn’t ridden since August and admitted she’d had to go out and buy new clothes because she’d put on quite a few pounds and none of her clothes fitted her anymore. It was a chatty ride and a very gentle introduction to exercise and 2011, which suited me fine.

So the next day a more committed cycling friend suggests a road ride which before we go out I am feeling a bit excited about but also dreading because I know I’m going to have to work a bit harder to keep up-not so worried about the balancing skills.

It was a fresh beautiful sunny day and the route was a quiet back road loop that took us through the stunning Borders landscape and pedalling along enjoying the scenery and the banter I felt great and realised I was doing something that made me really happy.

My main excuse is of course the terrible weather, riding in snow is fun for the first few times then its just tiresome and impossible, a bicycle is no substitute for a dog on a walk. So once the snow went then I found another excuse-I had the flu over Christmas, which saved me from eating and drinking to excess which in hindsight was great and saved me from having to buy new clothes (I have got to the ‘this used to be a bit loose’ stage) but it left me in a place where motivation had deserted me-I knew having been inactive for so long it could possibly be painful getting exercising again and I began to imagine a life where my bicycle wasn’t my ‘raison d’être’-although I’m not quite sure what I would do with myself.

Then I watched a trailer for a documentary on the UK’s fattest man where he laments desperately about letting himself get to the point of 40 stone and how unhappy he is and I thought when did he start down that road?

I put down the box of Christmas chocolates, entered the Etape d’Caledonia, downloaded a Cycling Log app and planned a training programme to get me through the next 129 days until I have to ride 81 hilly miles. Can’t wait.