Kids Courses summer 2011


Kids courses summer 2011

Tracy and I have been running skills courses for kids for over 10 years now -some of our original pupils are now ripping it up on the British Team and giving gravity a run for its money on the downhill scene.

Our courses are totally skills based and delivered personally by us to make sure that the next generation of young rippers keep the older generation on their toes.

Course dates are now available for the summer holidays and are graded according to ability using the familiar course colour grading.

Download the application form -2011 kids application HERE- we will be processing the application forms in due course and you will be contacted to confirm your place.

Please fill in the form completely-especially for the height of your child-this means we can size them on the right size bike.

Please note bikes are provided by The Hub. We use Islabikes because we believe they offer the best riding experience for children. All of our bikes have been through a mechanical safety check by a qualified mechanic prior to the course which is why we ask that you use our bikes for our courses-please don’t be offended that we ask you not to bring your own bikes.

Courses for children are graded on the trail grades we have here at Glentress-so Green, Blue, Red, and Freeride-all in order of difficulty.  If you are unsure of the trail grading you can read about it here.


Green trails are aimed at beginners or novice cyclists. So if this is your first time off road or you’ve never visited a trail centre before then this course is for you.

You’ll learn how to use your gears to your advantage. When’s best to brake, as well as learning how to make sure you’re ready for what’s round the corner.

The Green Loop at Glentress is a perfect place to learn about mountain biking without the added complication of having to negotiate trail obstacles. We’ll also visit the Skills Loop to learn some new skills.
Thursday 21st JulyFULL5-8yrs10am-12pmMB1£25
Friday 22nd JulyFULL9-12yrs10am-12pmMB3£25
Wednesday 17th August45-8yrs10am-12pmMB15£25


Our Blue course is aimed at kids that have some basic off road skills-on this course you will learn how to look ahead and stay safe, how to ride small trail obstacles and some good tips on how to make going up hill easier and coming down more fun and controlled.
Thursday 21st JulyFULL5-8yrs2pm-4pmMB2£25
Friday 22nd JulyFULL9-12yrs2pm-4pmMB4£25
Wednesday 27th July59-12yrs10am-12pmMB5£25
Wednesday 27th JulyFULL9 - 12yrs2pm-4pmMB6£25
Thursday 28th July 25-8yrs10am-12pmMB7£25
Thursday 28th July 45-8yrs2pm-4pmMB8£25
Wednesday 3rd August55-8yrs10am-12pmMB9£25
Thursday 4th August49-12yrs10am-12pmMB11£25
Wednesday 17th August 55-8yrs2pm-4pmMB16£25
Thursday 18th August69 - 12yrs10am-12pmMB17£25


Trail centre red trails are classed as ‘difficult’-so some good existing mountain bike skills and fitness are required. On these courses Emma and Tracy will look at riders core techniques and iron out any bad habits-looking to develop good technique that will stay with them forever. Skills wise we will be teaching kids how to handle their bikes over drop offs and step ups, how to corner fast and smooth, and how to ride rocks and roots-all the features you would find on a red trail.
Wednesday 3rd AugustFULL5-8yrs2pm-4pmMB10£25
Thursday 4th August19 - 12yrs2pm-4pmMB12£25
Thursday 18th August 69 - 12yrs2pm-4pmMB18£25

Freeride/corners, jumps, and drops.

Our corners, jumps, and drops courses are all day courses (10-3) and starting with the basics we look at the skills needed to ride some of the more challenging trails at Glentress-like the Freeride and Spooky Wood.
This is an advanced course for regular mountain bike riders.
Wednesday 10th August 75-8yrs1pm-4pmMB13£40
Thursday 11th AugustFULL9-12yrs10am-3pmMB14£50

Advice for parents:

* Children must be able to ride a bike independently-for their own safety and the safety of the group.

* If you are unsure which group to place your child in, generally the easier group is best (based on our experience)-it is better for a child to be at the top end of a group rather than feel they are just hanging on in a harder group. We always run our groups based on 2instructors to a maximum number of 8children-this means that a) they are safe and b) they will receive maximum input in terms of skills.

* Our courses are skills sessions not guided rides.

* Skills take time to be absorbed and practiced-if you book your child onto a green course one day; they generally won’t be ready for a blue the next. If kids ride regularly and practice their skills then booking them on a green at Easter and then a blue in the summer may be more realistic. Each group is different so booking 2green courses won’t do them any harm and Tracy and Emma can cater for their individual needs to make sure they keep progressing.* Emma and Tracy are also available after each session to give feedback on your child’s progress if required

* Bike hire is included in the cost of the session. We use for our green, blue and red sessions-all bikes are prepared to a high standard and fully checked by a professional mechanic. Islabikes are designed specifically for children and offer the best equipment available for learning mountain bike skills.


To book any of the above courses please download 2011 kids application here or pop into the bike shop and pick one up.  Completed forms can be returned- to Tracy Brunger, The Hub, Glentress Forest, Peebles, EH45 8NB.  Please make sure you have given us your mobile or e-mail as we will contact you to confirm your child’s place.

PLEASE NOTE: Courses will run subject to a minimum of 4 riders on each course.

If you have any questions regarding the courses or availability then you can either e-mail: or call my mobile on 07872 991721-please don’t call the shop as they may not be able to help you.