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Petition Update
If you’ve been following events at Glentress over the past few months you will know that we were unsuccessful in our bid for the new £9m 5 star peel centre just over the road from The Hub cafe.

If not then read about it HERE:

We put a proposal to the Forestry Commission at the beginning of the year suggesting that we stay where we are having built up our business, and helped to build the venue up from scratch 10 years ago-none of which was recognised in the tender process.  Our proposal was to offer an alternative to the £9m 5 star cafe/restaurant that is the new centre, and to continue to cater for mountain bikers.  Unfortunately we received a letter last week rejecting the proposal on the grounds that the land at Glentress is not surplus and is in fact ‘an integral part’ of their ‘unfolding plans for Glentress.’

This is to be honest the response we expected from the Forestry Commission but felt that it was worth a shot-even if it was a long shot.

So this is the last year of The Hub at Glentress.  The cafe and bike shop will be open until the end of the year and we want to say a massive thank you to all the people who have signed our petition and supported our fight to stay at the venue.  Tracy and I are going to make sure this year is a fun year and that we go out with a bang so make sure you come and visit The Hub at Glentress – and be part of hubstory…

Thanks- Emma & Tracy.