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Bikes for Sale

Twice the bike at half the price

We constantly sell our hire bikes here at The Hub-if you spot a bike you like then you can put a deposit (10%) on it if its not already available, and after its done 30 rides then the bike is yours.  Our standard hardtail bikes are a great buy at around 50% off retail they represent great value for money.

Current ex-hire/demo’s for sale

Genesis IO ID16inch/smallYellow/2010£1100£650
Genesis Alptitude16.5inch/mediumGrey/2010£1700£999
Genesis Alptitude16.5inch/mediumWhite/2009£1500£950
Genesis Alptitude18inch/largeGrey/2010£1700£999
Genesis IO ID19inch/largeYellow/2010£1100£650
Lapierre Pro-race 50016inch/smallCarbon/2010£2150£1200

Each bike goes through a thorough check not only when its done its 30 rides, but each and every time it is hired so you can be assured that what you are buying is quality.  Any parts that need replacing like tyres/brake pads are replaced as part of its pre sale check.

With this attention to detail and the care that goes into our bikes you’d be mad to buy a new one.

Dream bikes

We also sell our full suspension fleet as ex-demo’s.  These bikes get the same love and attention as our hardtail bikes and after 30rides are available to buy at up to 40% off the retail price.  You can own a top end bike for an affordable price.

Its easy to reserve the bike you want, just place a 10% deposit on it and we’ll give you a call when its done its 30rides.  If you can’t wait that long we will give you a quote based on how many rides it has done to date.