Bike-Hire - IOID

With the British winter still throwing everything it can at us choosing a bike that can cope with it all without denting your wallet too much is essential-this is where the Genesis IO-ID comes in.

Equipped with a Shimano Alfine component group (8 speed internal geared hub), this bike is built to take on UK conditions without fear of trashing mechs or the hassle of changing gear cables after a few muddy rides.

We initially introduced the IO-ID’s as something of an experiment to see how they performed over the winter and to offer an exciting alternative to our conventional fleet, and they have proved a hit in their own right.  With repair bills on keeping ‘conventional’ bikes-not to mention full suspension bikes going over the muddy, grinding conditions we love to ride in, then the IO ID practically saves you money.

Hire one and try it and if you like it then we have a limited number available as ex-hires from £499.

Genesis state: “With a constant chain-line and internal hub gear, the iO ID has what it takes to cope with British conditions. A winter-proof ride that could only be conceived in our challenging climate. Whatever the season, conditions can be unreliable but some things are constant. iO ID. Be out there when others are inside.”

You can hire an IO-ID for the same price as a regular hardtail (£20 pre-booked) and we’re really keen to hear your feedback, so if you specifically want to try one please be sure to ask when you book. We’ll hopefiully have a review up soon.